Keith Tsuji is a talented and experienced artist with a passion for both graphic design and photography. His work truly speaks for itself, showcasing his exceptional eye for capturing life's beauty and the cultural experiences that have shaped his perspective. With roots in Taiwan, further education in Hong Kong, and honing his craft in Los Angeles, Keith's journey as a photographer is nothing short of remarkable.

Currently based in Hong Kong as a freelance photographer for a variety of media outlets and agencies. Continuously striving for excellence, Keith is dedicated to elevating his skills and creating impactful and meaningful work that connects with his audience.

2023 The 18th B&W Spider Awards (Photojournalism) - Honourable Mention
2023 The International Photo Awards (Photojournalism) - Honourable Mention
2023 The 16th International Color Awards (Photojournalism) - Honourable Mention
2022 ReFocus One Shot Photo Contest (Photojournalism) - Honourable Mention
2020 The 15th B&W Spider Awards (Photojournalism) - Winner
2019 The 5th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards (Animal/Wildlife) - Nominee
2017 One Eyeland Photography Awards (Conceptual) - Silver
2015 One Eyeland Photography Awards (Advertising) - Finalist
2015 World in Photo Competition Finalist (Portrait) - Bronze
2014 ND Awards (Portrait) - Honourable Mention
2014 ND Awards (Photojournalism/Story) - Honourable Mention
2014 ND Awards (Fine Art) - Honourable Mention
2012 One Eyeland Photography Awards  (Editorial) - Bronze